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Tomorrow's challenges need people prepared to perform better, influence change, lead more effectively and create positive impact. Leaders need to continually self reflect, develop and tailor communication in order to improve outcomes.

Sues Tonks is Founding Director of Oliver & York. Sues is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with degrees in Business and Communication and 20+ years working with brand leaders, advising on leadership, communication and strategy to maximise influence and impact.  

Sues has developed and delivers evidence-based and tailored coaching programs, informed by psychological, neuroscience, leadership and communication insights to create great outcomes.

Sues works with people who want to achieve specific outcomes in the areas of leadership and business. For some people, this may be enhancing leadership performance and decision making capabilities. For others, it is about building confidence, self-efficacy and clarity of direction. 

Sues connects individuals with skills and tools specific to their environment, drawing from experience working at both the highest level of global and international brands, corporate, government and not-for-profit as well as savvy owners navigating the challenges of emerging businesses.


With qualifications in Psychology, Business and Communication, Sues works with leaders, business owners and emerging professionals to develop critical leadership skills, build reputation capital, navigate challenging issues, communicate with influence, build trust through authenticity and lead with genuine impact.

For the past 20 years, Sues has worked with brand leaders across corporate, agency, government, business and not-for-profit settings as a trusted advisor and partner. 

In her role as Founding Director of Oliver & York, Sues has advised leaders and delivered significant programs for brands like BMW, CUB, The Good Guys, Repco and Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia. Sues co-owned and was General Manager of Podcast company Smart Fella Media with Meshel Laurie, with titles such as Australian True Crime. Sues also co-owns a Chartered Accounting Practice, Tier Accounting and Business Solutions.

Sues is a highly engaging, skilled and thought-provoking communicator, passionate about connecting individuals with evidence-based research and practical skills informed by Psychology, Neuroscience, Management and Communication.

Sues is a Tedx Speaker Finalist, and speaks at Industry events (for brands like Adobe, General Assembly and RMIT).

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Sues will help you exercise reflection to identify your own strengths, challenges and opportunities, while unlocking the intrinsic motivation required to achieve specific goals and behaviours. Sues' approach has been described as transformative as a result of the unique intersection of psychology, business, leadership development and communication. 

Successful coaching programs are tailored to the individual. Created with an evidence-based approach, the psychologically developed programs follow a framework designed to focus on specific goals relating to business, leadership and personal direction.

The programs apply:​

  • ​Psychological principles and behavioural insights to inform decision making and communication 

  • Known techniques for driving positive reputation and creating authenticity markers for influence and impact​

  • Insights into strategies to achieve desired outcomes for individuals and teams

  • Tools and resources to cement positioning and transform ideas to implemented actions

  • Developed and delivered by a Registered Provisional Psychologist with 20+ years in leadership and communication


There are two main avenues for program action, which are tailored to meet the specific challenges and opportunities presented. 

The first follows a six session framework developed to address specific goals and objectives. With sessions conducted fortnightly online, this is an intensive behavioural change program that focuses on influence, productivity, mindset and communication, activating highly targeted actions to achieve this. 

The second is an intensive transformation program aimed at preparing for enhancement and influence beyond the parametres of a current role. This program factors in actions to strengthen outcomes in the current role, however also incorporates two additional sessions to clearly define the subsequent roadmap towards future influence and leadership. This is an eight session framework, with timelines tailored to align with objectives. 

In some cases, a tailored 12 session framework is delivered, based on agreed needs.


All coaching programs apply psychological insights and exercise an evidence-based approach within the context of leadership influence, impact and communication. 

What we know is that commonalities exist with regard to impactful leadership behaviours, however the focus is to capitalise on the individual leader's diverse experiences, personality and characteristics to identify strengths and create impact in the environment, with specific stakeholders and with a clear vision in mind. 


  • One on one zoom sessions approximately 60-90 minutes in duration or until you have everything you need

  • 6, 8 or 12 sessions – one per fortnight

  • Needs Analysis and goal setting

  • Phone and email support throughout the program

  • All planning and preparation for each session Included

  • Recommended support functions to promote dynamic team environments

  • Access to monthly support available on completion of program

Please contact us to be provided with further details on the program framework, pricing and availability. 

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