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CUB re-writes the rules and launches its first non-alcoholic beer





Carlton and United Breweries has shaken up the Australian beer market by releasing the first non-alcoholic beer in the brewery’s 180 year history.

Carlton Zero is for beer lovers who want more opportunities to enjoy beer responsibly.


Beer lovers have told CUB that they want the option of a non-alcohol beer that actually tastes like beer.

Its release marks a long-term shift in Australia’s drinking habits. Low and mid-strength beers now represent 20% of CUB sales as people increasingly moderate their alcohol intake.


Carlton Zero will expand the number of occasions people can enjoy beer while encouraging moderate drinking and a long-term reduction in harmful drinking.

While Australian sales of non-alcoholic beers have grown 57% over the last five years, the sales volumes of non-alcoholic beers are very modest in Australia compared to the US, Europe and Brazil.


CUB’s launch of Carlton Zero is expected to significantly increase non-alcoholic beer sales.

Carlton Zero has a real beer flavour that proves it’s possible to make a great tasting non-alcoholic beer.


Slightly hoppy with a fruity aroma, it is a full-flavoured classic beer style with a similar taste to Carlton Draught.


Even though Carlton Zero is a non-alcoholic beverage it will be marketed only to adults in strict accordance with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code.

Carlton Zero is available in liquor stores and major supermarkets and across the country. It is sold in matte-black cans and stubbies.

The alcohol is removed through CUB's innovative de-alcoholisation process.


This is done in a way that preserves the great beer taste, because CUB is brewing Carlton Zero in a very similar way to how Carlton Draught is brewed, with the same key ingredients.

"We’ve listened to customers who have told us they want more opportunities to drink responsibly but still want a great-tasting beer. It’s crafted with the same quality ingredients as Carlton Draught to give it a similar great-tasting flavour. This is an historic release for CUB and we are proud to add Carlton Zero to our portfolio of some of Australia’s most iconic beers," Peter Filipovic, CUB.


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