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Carlton Zero


With an illustrious 180-year history, CUB made a groundbreaking move by introducing Carlton Zero, the first non-alcoholic beer in their portfolio.

Responding to a shift in Australia's drinking habits, this product offered beer enthusiasts the pleasure of enjoying beer responsibly.

Oliver and York's highly successful launch campaign marked Carlton Zero as a game-changer in the market.

To successfully launch Carlton Zero, amplifying its presence and driving sales, while aligning with a shift towards responsible and moderate drinking habits.

Strategy & Execution:

Understanding the Market Shift: Recognising that low and mid-strength beers represent 20% of CUB's sales and non-alcoholic beer sales have grown 57% over the last five years.

Product Innovation: Utilising CUB's innovative de-alcoholisation process to create a non-alcoholic beer with a real beer flavor, slightly hoppy, with a fruity aroma.

Targeted Messaging: Focusing on the adult market in strict accordance with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code, emphasising responsible enjoyment.

Innovative Marketing and PR: Oliver and York created a compelling launch campaign, resonating with new audiences and existing beer lovers.

Showcasing Quality: Emphasising that Carlton Zero was crafted with the same quality ingredients as Carlton Draught, ensuring a similar great-tasting flavor.

Monitoring Success: Continuous tracking of the campaign's impact, sales, and public reception.


Historic Launch: Carlton Zero's launch was marked as the most successful campaign in CUB's history.

Sales Growth: The product significantly contributed to the rise in non-alcoholic beer sales within Australia.

Public Engagement: Successfully resonated with beer lovers looking for non-alcoholic alternatives.

Positive Brand Association: Reinforced CUB's commitment to responsible drinking and innovation.

A Boost to CUB's Portfolio: Added a significant milestone to CUB's iconic collection of beers.

The launch of Carlton Zero symbolised a significant shift in Australia's drinking culture and marked a historic milestone for CUB.

Oliver and York's expert planning and execution ensured that the campaign resonated with the values and tastes of modern Australians, driving sales, and increasing visibility.

The success of this campaign reinforced both CUB's leadership in innovation, responsibility, and quality.

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