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Great Ocean Road


The Great Ocean Road's 100th anniversary called for a celebration fitting for one of Australia's most iconic landmarks.

A campaign called "The Story of the Road" was launched in collaboration with The Social Crew and Clothesline Content, with Oliver and York tasked with creating a captivating and engaging public relations program to promote it.

To celebrate the Great Ocean Road's rich history and its global significance to tourists and locals, engaging a broad audience through various curated events, artistic installations, and immersive experiences.

Strategy & Execution:

Documentary Film: Oliver and York utlised the documentary film "The Story of the Road," produced by Clothesline Content, to showcasing the rich history and culture of the Great Ocean Road.

Screenings & Pop-Up Cinemas: Historic theaters like Lorne Theatre and Apollo Bay Mechanics Hall to host the film, and pop-up cinemas were placed strategically to allow visitors to dive into the road's untold stories.

Artistic Expression & Augmented Reality: Unique public art installations and augmented reality experiences from Torquay to Apollo Bay, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the environment.

Extensive Media Coverage: Leveraging national, metro, and local print, radio, television, and online channels to reach new audiences and create a buzz around the campaign.

Community Engagement: Hosting screenings and events that celebrated the industry, community, and surf culture that shape the Great Ocean Road.


Broad Reach: Successfully reached and engaged diverse audiences through various media channels, reflecting the road's broad appeal.

Enhanced Tourism: Increased awareness and tourism to the area, highlighting its historical and cultural significance.

Cultural Connection: Created a connection with the local community, showcasing the Great Ocean Road as more than just a scenic destination but a living history.

Successful Events: The curated events, pop-up cinemas, and installations were well-received, providing both locals and visitors a unique look at this iconic stretch of coastline.

"The Story of the Road" campaign for the Great Ocean Road marked a significant milestone in celebrating a national treasure.

Oliver and York's expert execution and innovative approach captured the essence of the Great Ocean Road's history.

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