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Hub Furniture


To celebrate the arrival of Patrizia Moroso, the Art Director of the renowned Italian furniture company Moroso, Hub Furniture sought to create a unique collaboration that would showcase their forward-thinking ethos and drive national interest in both the brand and the products. The collaboration would involve leading Australian fashion designers and iconic Moroso chairs.

Develop and execute a PR campaign that elevates the Hub Furniture brand, generates excitement around the collaboration, and results in widespread media coverage.

Strategy & Execution:
Oliver and York crafted a sophisticated PR strategy focused on:

Showcasing Collaboration: Highlighting the partnership between Moroso and seven top Australian fashion designers, including Akira Isogawa, Gorman, and Steven Khalil, to upholster two iconic Moroso chairs.

Emphasising Aesthetics and Creativity: Aligning the collaboration with Moroso's unconventional vision and Hub Furniture's commitment to representing high-quality, beautiful design.

Event Execution: Showcase events at Hub Furniture's showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney, displaying the finished chairs to media, influencers, and design enthusiasts.

Media Engagement: Targeting key media outlets for coverage, including Vogue, Belle, The Age, and Sydney Morning Herald, through press releases, media invitations, and exclusive interviews.

Social Media: Encouraging online engagement through sneak peeks, designer insights, and audience interaction.


Widespread Media Coverage: Successfully garnered media attention, with features in prominent publications like Vogue and Sydney Morning Herald.

Brand Awareness: Elevated the brand profiles of both Hub Furniture and Moroso in the Australian market.

Public Excitement: Generated significant excitement and interest around the collaboration and increased traffic to Hub Furniture's showrooms.

Strengthened Industry Relations: Solidified Hub Furniture's relationships with top designers and reinforced its position as a curator of international design.

The collaboration between Hub Furniture, Moroso, and leading Australian fashion designers was a compelling example of art meeting commerce.

Oliver and York's comprehensive PR strategy helped turn a creative concept into a national sensation, bridging the worlds of fashion and furniture.

By achieving high-profile media coverage and generating excitement within the design community and beyond, Oliver and York reinforced Hub Furniture's reputation as a leader in the industry and cemented Moroso's presence in the Australian market.

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