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Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia


The growing issue of obesity and diet-related diseases in Australia called for immediate action. There was an urgent need to educate communities about nutrition, cooking, and healthy eating habits.

To increase awareness, foster positive social change, and encourage governments and businesses to take action by highlighting the success of Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia's 10-week program.

Strategy & Execution:
Partnering The Good Guys Chairman Andrew Muir, a key instigator for positive social change, our team implemented a multi-faceted PR campaign that:

Showcased the Results: Leveraged the breakout findings by Deakin University that highlighted the success of Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia's program, showing increased daily vegetable consumption, improved cooking confidence, and sustained behavior changes even after six months of program completion.

Amplified Voices for Change: Utilised Andrew Muir's voice and partnership with Jamie Oliver to stress the significance of the program, emphasising how it equips non-cooks with essential cooking skills, leading to truly transformational results.

Media Outreach: Orchestrated a media campaign targeting health, food, and community outlets, focusing on Muir's call for reallocating advertising funds into hands-on educational programs.

Engaged Stakeholders: Leveraged community engagements involving government officials, businesses, and local communities to promote the need for similar programs, addressing the cycle of obesity.

Social Media Engagement: Leveraged social media platforms to share success stories, tips, and video content from the program, creating an engaging and informative online presence.


Significant increase in daily vegetable consumption and cooking confidence among program participants.
Widespread media coverage that sparked community conversations about the importance of nutrition education.
Increased support from businesses and government, leading to the development of similar programs.
Enhanced self-esteem and positive life changes among participants, going beyond the program's immediate goals.

The campaign not only met the objective but exceeded expectations by creating a lasting impact and becoming a catalyst for similar initiatives. By focusing on education, empowerment, and community engagement, the strategy brought forth a much-needed revolution in Australia's food culture. The collaboration with Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia is a testament to the power of strategic communication in creating lasting societal change.

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