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La Cornue


La Cornue, a prestigious brand known for luxurious kitchen appliances, sought to enhance its presence in Australia. Although globally recognised and loved by celebrities like George Clooney and Karl Largerfeld, La Cornue had limited visibility in Australia. Their 50th-anniversary celebration of the Chateau La Cornue presented a prime opportunity to extend the brand's recognition and prestige in the country.

Develop and execute a tailored PR and marketing campaign to promote the Chateau Jubilee and celebrate La Cornue's culinary artistry, all while strengthening the brand's presence and reputation in Australia.

Strategy & Execution:
Oliver and York employed a multifaceted strategy, focusing on:

Celebrating History: Highlighting La Cornue's rich heritage, from its establishment in 1908 to the transformation of industrial kitchen cookers into culinary art by Andre Dupuy.

Promoting the Chateau Jubilee: Leveraging the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Chateau La Cornue to create a captivating narrative around the brand's tradition and quality.

Emphasising Local Connections: Showcasing Chef Annie Smithers' Du Fermier restaurant in Trentham Victoria, where the Chateau La Cornue appliance symbolises the essence of French home cooking and local farming.

Engaging Media and Influencers: Targeting culinary enthusiasts, luxury seekers, and home design aficionados through media engagement, influencer collaborations, and exclusive event invitations.

Crafting Visually Stunning Content: Capturing the beauty and elegance of the Chateau La Cornue, for use in social media campaigns, press releases, and advertisements.


Increased Brand Recognition: Elevated La Cornue's profile within key influential stakeholders groups in Australia, making it synonymous with luxury, tradition, and culinary mastery.

Engagement with Culinary Community: Built strong connections with chefs, food bloggers, and culinary schools, further integrating La Cornue into Australia's gastronomic culture.

La Cornue's collaboration with Oliver and York in Australia showcases the power of understanding and honoring a brand's legacy while adapting it to a new cultural context.

By creating a comprehensive PR and marketing strategy that paid tribute to La Cornue's rich history and aligned it with contemporary Australian culinary trends, Oliver and York enabled La Cornue to solidify its luxurious reputation in Australia and celebrate a significant milestone in style.

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