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MAPH (formally MGA)


MaPH, Australia's eminent photography gallery, engaged Oliver and York as a trusted strategic partner to elevate their position within the Australian art landscape. The William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize, renowned as a beacon of excellence in Australian photography, stood as our cornerstone project.

Oliver and York's PR expertise, coupled with our innovative marketing strategies, breathed life into this illustrious award and firmly established MaPH as Australia's leading photography gallery.

The Judges and Finalists:

A trio of art world luminaries - Filmmaker Fred Schepisi, professional photographer John Gollings, and MGA Director Kallie Blauhorn - were appointed judges.

They handpicked finalists across diverse genres, celebrating the redefinition of photography and marking a landmark year for the art form.

The PR Strategy:

Creating Buzz: We orchestrated bespoke communication campaigns, generating excitement around the unique works and the award's prestige.

Reaching the Right Audience: Targeted PR campaigns connected with art enthusiasts, media members, and industry influencers.

Media Relations: Leading art publications and websites were engaged, offering nationwide recognition for the award.

Comprehensive Support: End-to-end support, from media training to events, ensured a smooth, high-profile execution.

The Exhibition:

Hosted at Melbourne's MGA, 50 shortlisted works were displayed, climaxing in the winner's announcement. Oliver and York's campaign guaranteed widespread attendance and praise.

The Bowness Prize's success was not merely a celebration of photographic mastery but a bold statement on the evolving canvas of Australian art.

Oliver and York's specialised PR and Marketing strategy broadened the event's reach, unifying artists, critics, and enthusiasts in a collective celebration of photography.

Oliver and York's nuanced understanding of the art world, fused with extensive industry connections, allowed us to sculpt PR and marketing success, lifting the Bowness Photography Prize to recognition.

MaPH's vision was transformed into a resonant success, with Oliver and York standing as a key advisor.

Our partnership transcended traditional boundaries, solidifying MaPH as Australia's premier photography gallery.

Oliver and York works with gallery's to assist with PR ambitions through strategic insight and committed PR execution.

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