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The harmful health implications of prolonged sitting have led to a global shift towards elevated workplaces. Despite this positive trend, the vast majority of the working community remains seated.

MOVI, founded by Australian researcher and digital product developer Daniel Angelini, aimed to redefine this space with an innovative standing desk solution.

Launch MOVI Workspace as a leading solution for the growing health concerns related to traditional seated work environments and position it as a design-led, spacious, sustainable, and easy-to-use product.

Strategy & Execution:
Leveraging Oliver and York's expertise in PR and marketing for new product launches, the campaign was crafted to:

Highlight MOVI's Unique Features: Promote MOVI's patented design, focusing on its aesthetic appeal, ergonomic fit, spaciousness, sustainability, and one-touch electronic lift functionality.

Position MOVI as a Thought Leader: Utilise Daniel Angelini's insights and expertise to drive conversations about healthy movement in the workplace, positioning MOVI as a thought leader in this space.

Media Strategy: Develop a targeted media plan to reach potential customers, industry influencers, and stakeholders, showcasing MOVI's innovation through press releases, feature stories, interviews, and product reviews.

Engage Influencers and Partners: Collaborate with industry influencers and corporate partners to increase visibility and credibility, including testimonials, endorsements, and shared content.

Digital & Social Media Presence: Create engaging online content to connect with the modern and busy individual, reflecting MOVI's mission to make elevated workspaces accessible and affordable.

By focusing on MOVI's unique attributes and aligning them with the growing health-conscious trend in workplaces, the campaign introduced a revolutionary product and worked to establish MOVI as a leader in the industry.

The strategic work ensured that MOVI's standing desk solution was positioned to resonate with the modern needs of both individuals and organisations, driving adoption.

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