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Pure Blonde


Pure Blonde, known for its commitment to conscious choices and low-calorie beer, expanded its offerings with the release of the first ACO-certified organic range in CUB's history.

The launch of Pure Blonde Organic Lager and Cider marked a new chapter, tapping into the trend of health-conscious consumers.

Promote the launch of Pure Blonde Organic Lager and Cider, leveraging the transparency of ingredients and the brewing process to create buzz and appeal to a broader market.

Strategy & Execution:

Transparency in Advertising: The entire recipe and brewing process for Pure Blonde Organic Lager were published on billboards across Australia and in a digital campaign, offering a level of transparency previously unseen in the industry.

Engaging the Brewing Community: By sharing the full recipe and process, the campaign engaged not just consumers but competitors and home brewers alike, promoting a community-centric approach.

Utilising a Strong Online Presence: Leveraged Pure Blonde's website and social media channels to disseminate information and encourage interaction with the new products.

Emphasizing ACO Certification: Highlighted the rigorous standards met to achieve Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certification, enhancing credibility and appeal.


Brand Innovation: Positioned Pure Blonde as a leader in the organic beer and cider market, aligning with the brand's history of pioneering low-carb options.

Market Disruption: Created a disruptive marketing campaign that resonated with consumers and the industry, fostering an environment of collaboration and transparency.

Increased Awareness: Extensive billboard and digital advertising resulted in widespread awareness and interest in the new organic range.

Enhanced Accessibility: Successfully made organic options more accessible and affordable in the Australian market, widening the reach of Pure Blonde's products.

Pure Blonde's launch of its Organic Lager and Cider was a bold step in transparency and innovation.

The decision to share the recipe and brewing process marked a significant shift in traditional marketing, reflecting a broader societal trend towards health consciousness and openness.

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