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With self-driving transportation no longer confined to the realms of fantasy, Transdev, in partnership with EasyMile, aimed to demonstrate the real-world applications and benefits of their autonomous EZ10 shuttle through a "Driverless Roadtrip" across Australia and New Zealand.

Create awareness, excitement, and understanding of autonomous shuttles through free public demonstrations, and position Transdev as a leader in innovative transportation solutions.

Strategy & Execution:
Oliver and York devised and executed a PR and Content campaign to leverage Transdev's roadtrip, focusing on:

Showcasing Real-world Applications: Organising free public demonstrations in key locations, allowing locals to experience the autonomous technology firsthand.

Educating on Safety and Benefits: Highlighting the EZ10's cutting-edge sensory technology, safety features, and potential to improve first-mile, last-mile connections in urban areas.

Media and Community Engagement: Creating press materials, media coverage, and community engagement activities to extend conversations about autonomous shuttles beyond tech forums to everyday people.

Leveraging Testimonials and Expertise: Using statements from Transdev and EasyMile spokespersons to underscore the shuttle's capabilities and the broader benefits of autonomous transportation.

Social Media: Encouraging attendees to share their experiences online, creating organic buzz around the roadtrip and autonomous technology.


Widespread public participation and excitement during the demonstrations across various cities and regional centers.

Significant media coverage in all major metro broadcast news and online media outlets, reaching a broad audience and positioning Transdev as a forward-thinking transportation provider.

Positive public sentiment, reflecting an increase in understanding and acceptance of autonomous transportation technology.

Successful extension of conversation about autonomous technology to a broader, non-tech-savvy audience, fostering greater inclusivity in technological advancements.

Oliver and York's PR expertise was essential in translating our technological achievement into a tangible experience for the public. Their ability to generate enthusiasm and understanding around the EZ10 has been a major factor in our success.

The Transdev Driverless Roadtrip was an innovative and engaging way to bring autonomous transportation technology to the public. Oliver and York's PR strategy was crucial in making this experience resonate with everyday Australians and New Zealanders, showcasing not only the thrill of autonomous driving but its practical, safe, and transformative potential.

The campaign effectively elevated Transdev's image as a leader in transportation solutions and laid a solid foundation for the continued exploration and adoption of autonomous technology in the region.

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