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Victoria Bitter


For decades, Victoria Bitter's classic ad line "a hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer" has resonated with Australians. As a tribute to its 50-year legacy, VB embarked on a journey to allow the public to create their rendition of the iconic VB anthem.

To engage Australians in recreating the well-known VB anthem, encouraging widespread participation, fostering a sense of community, and celebrating the brand's rich history.

Strategy & Execution:
Oliver and York, as Carlton and United Breweries PR Agency, was once again engaged to deliver the impactful and large-scale national campaign:

Campaign Launch: Officially launched at the #VB50yearsofcheers celebrations in Melbourne, with notable performances to kickstart the campaign.

Public Participation: Encouraged everyday Australians, including rockers, rappers, singers, and soloists, to submit their unique versions of the VB anthem via social media platforms.

Compilation of Entries: The best renditions were selected, combined, and featured in a new ad, showcasing the creativity and diversity of Australians.

Archive Showcase: A special display of the oldest bottles and advertising material of VB provided a historical perspective and connection to the brand.

Media Relations: Targeted media relations program to generate local and national news coverage to reach vast audiences.

Event Management: Delivered Event Management and Production to create the Media experience.


Widespread Engagement: The campaign successfully engaged Australians from different backgrounds, generating a plethora of unique renditions.

Media Coverage: Achieved extensive broadcast news coverage across all major networks, amplifying the campaign's reach and impact.

Historical Connection: The inclusion of items from VB's archives deepened the emotional connection with the brand's heritage.

Oliver and York's successful execution reinforced its reputation as a leader in delivering large-scale campaigns for iconic Australian brands.

The campaign was a cultural milestone that allowed Australians to become a part of the iconic VB anthem's legacy.

Through strategic planning, widespread engagement, and a genuine connection to the brand's heritage, Oliver and York helped VB craft a campaign that will be remembered for years to come.

The blend of innovation, nostalgia, and community spirit made this campaign assisted with redefining how a brand can engage with its audience and celebrate its legacy.

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