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Leaders must remain relevant to influence change.

This means effectively communicating the strategic vision of the leader and ensuring that both internal and external stakeholders know what the organisation in becoming.

Effective leadership communication results in impactful outcomes, both internally and externally.

The leader is able to reinforce the organisation's reputation, position as a thought-leader and drive positive perception. 


The key to effective leadership and change communication is putting people at the centre.


Whether it is implementing new technology, restructuring the business, activating growth strategies or repositioning, it is crucial that leaders work with communication experts with psychology qualifications to ensure the delivery of well-planned and consistent communication strategies.

We are communication experts who can develop the communication strategy required to successfully embed cultural change, facilitate clear communication, reinforce reputation for success and conduct training underpinned by key psychological principles.

Oliver and York offers comprehensive leadership and change communication consulting services to businesses, government agencies and charitable organisations.

We specialise in delivering reputation programs and end-to-end change communication programs.

Our range of leadership and change communication services include:

  • Developing change communication strategies

  • Leadership communication coaching and mindset

  • Creating tailored communication and training programs

  • Aligning teams to understand and embrace the organisational vision

Our team deliver leadership and change communication with focus and expertise. Underpinned by psychology. 


underpinned by psychology

Communication training

developing individuals and teams

Successful organisations harness diversity, unlock intrinsic motivation and empower teams by making the decision to implement strategies and training to communicate effectively. 

It is essential that in-house capabilities are developed in order to help comprehend the future state of an organisation. This includes addressing underlying issues that restrict individuals and teams from achieving positive outcomes.

Oliver and York creates customised communication frameworks and development programs that include training and support for individuals and teams within organisations.

We recognise the demands and pressures of delivering results in a dynamic project environment and we tailor each communication program to suit specific needs.

Our communication training programs may include the following:

  • Communication fundamentals

  • Leadership communication

  • Stakeholder engagement and communication

  • Building communication capability within teams

  • Tools and techniques for effective interdepartmental communication

  • Organisational and team-based communication learning

  • Communication audits

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