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WORK AESTHETIC - The relationship between Cor_so interior Architecture and is one that has resulted in a showcase of spaces demonstrating modernity at work, departing from the formerly scaffolded shared office concept into dedicated spaces of idea incubation, collaboration, community and growth. 

It is a story founded on ideation cemented at 38,000 feet above ground, when Founder Tobi Skovron set his sights on bringing his LA inspired working philosophy back home to Australia to launch in Melbourne.

On teaming with Cor_so, a founding partnership emerged, resulting today in the unwavering interplay of contemporary function and creative form to produce award winning designs that have attracted some of Australia’s most innovative companies, events and entrepreneurs.

The expansion of across key locations in Richmond, Hawthorn, South Melbourne, Carlton and Collingwood, have been impactful in enabling people to work in incredible spaces flexibly and locally.

“We knew Melbourne at the time was full of innovation and creativity, and that there was demand for a workspace that reflected the interests and visions of diverse and driven individuals," said Skovron.


"From the outset, our concept was embraced and looking back, it was because of a commitment to aesthetic, convenience and integration of technology at the epicentre of our flexible and evolving concept. All of this has enabled us to build an incredible community at scale”


It is design that has been a key point of focus since the inception of CreativeCubes.Co, with Skovron turning to a functional and aesthetic space suitable for all types of companies including Startups, Scaleups, SME and Enterprise and Large Corporates.

“The design of CreativeCubes.Co in Richmond, which is now mirrored across locations, has been key to the success of the concept to date,” said Skovron. “We knew we needed something balanced and special so we contacted one of Melbourne’s leading design firms in this space, Corso Interior Architecture. Joey Corso and his team just understood what we were trying to achieve from the outset and when the design was awarded Gold at the Melbourne Design Awards, we knew we were on the right path.”

It is with a balanced approach to the interior design process that Corso developed the suite of CreativeCubes.Co designs. The focus was an end product that not only met the unique requirements to reflect the specific location, but through the development of spaces that constantly evolve to mirror the ever-growing community within the walls of these once dull and lifeless buildings.

“While CreativeCubes.Co are community-focused workspaces, the brief requires floorplans that encompass the right balance of desk and office spaces to ensure a feasible concept. But this imperative must not detract from the overarching vision to create community workspaces that offer opportunities to work independently and a central nexus for collaboration, networking and after-work social gatherings,” said Joey.

“So we have developed spaces that work to create flow throughout, where every desk and every workspace feels like it is important. Because that is what matters with this design, and we enjoy bringing it to life with CreativeCubes.Co.”


CreativeCubes.Co spaces offer private offices, meeting rooms (by the hour) coworking, shared office spaces, event space, Cafés, Yoga, wellness and Mindfulness spaces.

For more information and insights on the award winning design, visit



Cor_so is an award-winning practice specialising in interior design and architectural solutions for commercial and domestic clients in Australia. The practice is driven by a team of dynamic, innovative thinkers who prioritise quality design, budget adherence, and punctual project completion. 

Cor_so is passionate about architecture and the interior environment, with Founder Joey Corso dedicated to creating spaces that excel in both form and function.

The team at Cor_so view each project as a unique, intricate puzzle with its own narrative. They strive to enhance and create spaces that effectively convey an idea without resorting to obvious solutions. 

Efficiency and clear thinking form the cornerstone of the Cor_so approach, resolving challenges through design and great relationships with both clients, builders and industry peers to produce positive outcomes.

Cor_so employs a consistent method across all projects, emphasising the importance of understanding the brief, valuing collaboration, and providing design leadership. 

The Cor_so approach is to listen to clients and work closely to ensure that their visions are brought to life.

Above all, the team at Cor_so is driven by a love for what they do, with enthusiasm for architecture and interior design evident in all spaces they create and the successful projects they deliver.

About the Founder, Joey Corso

After completing a Bachelor of Design (Interior & Exhibition Design) from Swinburne University, Joey Corso gravitated towards commercial and residential developments harnessing a broad range of experience and expertise in multidisciplinary sectors.

Joey founded Cor_so in 2012 to deliver an intimate and hands on approach to projects. Today, Cor_so has grown into an award-winning team of interior designers who deliver retail, corporate and residential projects. 


From concept to completion Joey is passionate about working side by side with clients to develop design strategy, feasibility, space planning, concept design, construction documentation and project management.



Joey Corso

For further information and interview requests, please contact:

03 9013 7020 

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