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JAMIE'S MINISTRY OF FOOD AUSTRALIA leading THE way in obesity fight




Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia instigator and provocateur for positive social change, Andrew Muir of The Good Guys, has called on governments, businesses and the wider community to address the growing, serious issue of obesity and diet related diseases.


This followed the breakout results released by Deakin University regarding Jamie Oliver’s good food program, Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia.


Deakin University found that Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia's10 week program increased participants daily vegetable consumption and confidence with cooking.


It also inspires individuals to prepare and cook healthy, nutritious meals from scratch.


The results also showed that behaviours sustained six months after the completion of the Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia program.


The program also had some additional benefits in relation to increased self-esteem.


Muir stated, “The success of the Jamie’s Ministry of Food program is significant because it not only empowers and encourages individuals and communities to make positive changes for better nutrition, it also addresses the significant issue that new generations will otherwise have a shorter life expectancy than the previous – which is astounding.”

Having partnered with Jamie Oliver to bring his Ministry of Food program to Australia in 2010, Muir was and continues to be acutely aware of the significant health and diet related issues facing communities across Australia.

“The Ministry of Food program hits a sweet spot,” said Muir. “It teaches non-cooks the basic cooking skills required to sustain a healthy and nutritious meal plan in the home, using fresh, readily available ingredients.”


“The program is hands on and it does require commitment from participants each week, however the results as we can see are truly transformational.”


With the program model having such success, Muir is encouraging businesses, communities and the government to get on board and address the growing need for the development of similar programs.


Programs that focus on the education of the next generation of Australians. Programs to ensure that the cycle of obesity is broken.

“The cost and strain on our health system in the future is unsustainable,” said Muir.


“I am sure that if there was a reallocation of funds from wasted advertising dollars into hands-on educational programs like Jamie’s Ministry of Food, we as a community would be able to achieve some positive change.”


Muir, who openly communicates his vision and passion for good food and nutrition, believes that good food behaviours begin in the home.


Programs like Jamie’s Ministry of Food provide the tools and necessary skills to help individuals and families cook healthy and delicious food, every day.


And that’s a good thing.


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