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50th Anniversary of the exclusive Chateau La Cornue




La Cornue is a luxurious brand renowned for its highly sought-after kitchen appliances that provide state-of-the-art quality and culinary excellence.

Based in France, the prestigious La Cornue brand is known as a favourite of Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplin, Karl Largerfeld, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Kylie Minogue.

The company has a limited presence in Australia, however in recent years and within closed settings, Oliver and York is the PR and Marketing agency that represents LaCornue in Australia. This includes working on major events and activities for La Cornue, including the Chateau Jubilee, which marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Chateau La Cornue.

The Chateau La Cornue was first developed in France in 1964 by Andre Dupuy, son of the company's founder, Albert Dupuy. An engineering graduate with a passion for modern design, Andre transformed the ordinary industrial kitchen cooker into a work of culinary art, establishing the foundation of the exclusive La Cornue brand, which was established in 1908.

In Australia, the opportunity to experience the Chateau La Cornue is rare, however Chef Annie Smithers, located in Trentham Victoria, has brought the appliance to her French farmhouse restaurant, Du Fermier.


Annie wanted to bring the simplicity and tradition of French home cooking to her restaurant, sourcing 90% of the ingredients for her menu from her own local farm. In search of the perfect finishing touch, she travelled to France, where she discovered the exquisite Chateau La Cornue. Despite its high price tag, Annie was drawn to the appliance's inherent beauty and its connection to the meaningful traditions of French cooking.

Today, the Chateau La Cornue can be seen in the industrial setting of Du Fermier's kitchen, where it serves as a testament to the ageless legacy of the La Cornue brand.

Oliver & York is proud to represent such a prestigious and luxurious brand in Australia, and is committed to delivering high-calibre PR and marketing services to ensure the success of La Cornue in the country.


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