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At Oliver and York, we assist with media buying negotiations for businesses in Australia, ensuring that our clients receive maximum value throughout the process. Our team has the expertise and experience to identify the best media buying opportunities for your brand and negotiate favourable terms on your behalf.

At Oliver and York, we assist with media buying negotiations for businesses in Australia, ensuring that our clients receive competitive pricing and value. Our team has a track record of securing deals and value that provide win-win scenarios for both parties. We approach media buying with a focus on building strong relationships for future activity and ensuring that our clients achieve the best possible value at any given time.

Value-driven media buying is an essential part of any marketing mix, and at Oliver and York, we help our clients get more bang for their buck. We conduct media buying negotiations on behalf of businesses of all sizes across Australia and help brands find new audiences, customers, and opportunities through impactful marketing programs delivered through quality media and marketing channels.

Our Media Buying Services in Melbourne include:

  • Media negotiations

  • Advertising

  • Creative development

  • Production

  • Campaign launches

  • Placement identification

  • Copywriting

  • Technical writing

  • Marketing mix

  • Content development

  • Consumer research

  • Branding

  • End-to-end advertising development and measurement


If you are interested in learning more about how your business or brand can benefit from our media buying program, please contact us to discuss your options.


We look forward to working with you.

At Oliver and York, We are committed to delivering the best value and pricing for our clients and helping them achieve their marketing and business objectives.


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