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Founders of Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer, the team responsible for bringing some of the most recognised surfing and skateboard brands to Australia, has partnered with beverage veteran Dean Grant to take on the predominantly international hard seltzer market with a new range focusing on locally farmed organic ingredients and pure Australian waters.

And it’s been a long time in the making.


With the refreshing and light characteristics of hard seltzer proving popular in international markets, Delvi Founder Mike Vati was interested in creating a uniquely Australian take that speaks to local lifestyles, with freshness and locally farmed ingredients at the heart.


“When we set out to create our Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer range, our priorities were clear,” said Mike. “We wanted to bring the uniquely fresh and enriching Australian elements to each sip and we knew that to do this well, we needed to partner with some of the best in industry.”


Working with local farmers to source only the highest quality organic ingredients and cold-pressing to preserve active phytonutrients and natural minerals, the result is Delvi’s new Blood Orange Passion and Desert Lime Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer, both raising the bar as an unapologetically Australian made, world-class seltzer.


“We wanted the international markets take us seriously and see that over here in Australia we know what makes a great refreshing seltzer to be enjoyed,” said Mike.


“As Australian’s, every day we immerse ourselves in nature and our environments, whether that be out on a surf or on a run. And it’s this nature that breathes so much life into the plump and delicious organic fruits we eat and our beautiful fresh waters. That is at the heart of our product and why we think Australian seltzer can be the best in the world.”


Tagged ‘Keeping it real’, Delvi new Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer is a nod to the active and vibrant lifestyle of summer loving aussies, combining refreshment and lifestyle orientated enjoyment with sustainable practices that support local Australian farmers and reduced the mileage associated with imports.


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Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer is made from locally sourced, organic wild harvested native organic fruit and
plant extracts, cold pressed in a patented process that retains active phytonutrients. 

The range of Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzers offers a low sugar, low carb alternative to beer, wine and cider, without compromising on flavour. Gluten Free and Vegan friendly, Delvi is staying true the name by “Keeping It Real 100%.”

DELVI has created a strategic localised partnership with a Byron Bay extract producer to supply locally sourced organic fruit extract that set Delvi’s Seltzers apart from all other known Hard Seltzer or Alcoholic beverage products currently existing in the World.

Recent NATA accredited Analysis reports from Agrifoods for DELVI Blood Orange Passion and Desert Lime variants confirm trace amounts of Vitamin C and natural minerals found in the extracts.

•    Perfectly Carbonated Pure Australian Water
•    Patented Cold Press Extract Process retaining Active Phytonutrients and Minerals 
•    ACO Accredited Organic Extracts
•    No Synthetic Flavours
•    5 x Distilled and Blended (not brewed, as brewing process involves filtering to produce a clear liquid which filters out the nutrients and minerals)


True East Beverages is a boutique independent beverage company established to showcase native Australian flavours, locally sourced through sustainably minded farmers and true to our active, vibrant yet laid back outdoor lifestyle.


True East Beverages is working with Australia’s leading supplier of pure natural plant extracts and local Australian organic growers to deliver unique and great tasting craft alcoholic seltzers.


Supporting Australian communities and the preservation and restoration of the natural environment is a key focus of True East Beverages, with at least 1% of all DELVI sales delivered to assist environmental groups.


True East Beverages founders and advisory board are surfers and beachgoers with a genuine love and passion toward our oceans, with a focus on keeping our oceans, beaches and environment clean with a zero footprint initiative.

Early image of Gordon & Susan Tait

Gordon & Susan Tait

Early campaign image

Mike Vati

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