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MOVI STANDING DESKS Improving health one workspace at a time





The rise of elevated workplaces to address the growing health concerns associated with long hours of sitting at work shows a positive trend towards the adoption of new solutions to an old problem. Despite this uptake from progressive organisations, the global community remains predominantly seated. Australian researcher, ex-Uber digital product developer, and author of The Sitting Epidemic Daniel Angelini has introduced a new standing solution called MOVI Workspace to address this issue.

Together with his wife Nadia, Melbourne-based Angelini has developed the world's most spacious retrofitted elevated workspace to address the challenges often associated with standing desks, such as design, ergonomic fit, space, aesthetics, sustainability, and ease of use. MOVI Workspace is a design-led solution with a patented design that functions as an aesthetically beautiful, spacious, and sustainable elevated workspace while focusing on ease of use with features such as the one-touch electronic lift.

“Right now, we know positive conversations are happening around the need to live with a healthy level of movement, including in the workplace,” said Angelini. “However, in practice, this can be a big hurdle, and products need to reflect the attitudes, requirements, and lifestyle of a busy and modern individual. Our mission is to bring this product to life, beyond the prototype, to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.”

Oliver and York provided PR and marketing services to MOVI during the launch phase, helping to build a strong foundation for the company's future growth. Oliver and York specialises in PR for new product launches and used this expertise to create a comprehensive campaign for MOVI. This included developing a media strategy and creating press materials.


The work of Oliver and York played a key role in establishing MOVI in the growing market for standing desks and elevated workspace solutions.


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