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50th Anniversary of the exclusive Chateau La Cornue

Client: La Cornue

La Cornue is one of the world’s most luxurious brands. The highly sought after kitchen pieces deliver state of the art quality for those looking for gastronomic perfection. La Cornue is based in France with very few public viewing opportunities in Australia.

Oliver & York provides ongoing public relations and marketing services for La Cornue, working on major events and activities including the recent La Cornue Chateau Jubilee.

It's been 50 years since the first ever Chateau La Cornue was created in France by Andre Dupuy, the son of Albert, who founded the unique vaulted oven design that has become the foundation of the exclusive La Cornue name since established in 1908.

The engineering graduate, passionate about modernity and excited by nascent design, created a new focus for the La Cornue range, transforming the seemingly common banal industrial kitchen cooker into an object of culinary experience, a central part of the home.

50 years on, and due to the highly sort after nature of the eternal, noble and precious La Cornue design, with a guest book of names including Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplin, Karl Largerfeld and more recently George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Robyn Williams and Kylie Minogue, very few in Australia have experienced the Chateau La Cornue.

However, one hour’s drive north of Melbourne, in Trentham Victoria, one well-known Chef is producing her iconic French Farmhouse cooking at the ‘hatted’ Du Fermier, for only 24 people at a time, using the exquisite Chateau La Cornue.

Wanting to embrace a traditional French home cooked simplicity, with up to 90% of the menu’s produce sourced from her own local farm, Annie Smithers travelled to France to find the final ingredient to help her create a timeless and true French culinary experience, and what she found was the exquisite, albeit domestic, Chateau La Cornue.

Although the Chateau La Cornue is priced beyond the reach of many, Annie saw the piece as an integral beauty that encapsulates all that is meaningful in French cooking, and wanted to bring the design home to Australia for her diners to experience.

“She is beautiful and very much something that I wanted to explore to take that beauty and tradition and bring it into my little Du Fermier here,” said Smithers.

“I love the indulgence that goes along with creating simple, no fuss, shared French cooking,” she said. “My La Cornue is my own personal indulgence as a chef, and like my cooking, I wanted to share that.”

The Du Fermier experience is on the hit list for many gourmets, gastronomes and food lovers. So too is the ageless La Cornue legacy, which can be seen, at a glimpse, when the kitchen door is open, as it rests within the industrial setting of the Du Fermier kitchen.



Oliver & York Public Affairs is a Public Relations, Marketing Services and Digital Content Agency based in Melbourne.

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