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Clark St Coffee’s Public Coffee Bar a showcase of exceptional coffee and collaboration

After almost two years in the making, with close collaborations with many talented creatives, trades and origin partners, Clark St Coffee’s new Public Coffee Bar at their Richmond Roastery is now open.

Public Coffee Bar & Event Space Design

Clark St Coffee commissioned acclaimed hospitality venue designers, Projects of Imagination to design the fit out of their new coffee roastery including a SCAA specification cupping lab, barista training area and a public coffee bar.

Dion Hall from Projects of Imagination has set out to engage the public within the space, creating narrative and movement. By combining base, utilitarian materials of galvanized steel and glass and softening with touch-points of saddle leather, Australian terracotta and reclaimed walnut timber, Dion has created an environment that is industrial, yet warm and sets the stage for the commissioned elements and the unique and seasonal coffee from Clark St Coffee.

“We were very excited when we first saw initial concepts from POI. The concept was quite unique and confronting. We were opening up the entire production floor to observation from the public and doing away with the conventional café chair and table format. It opened up greater interaction between the public, baristas and the production team.” – Melissa Floreani (Owner, Clark St Coffee)

“The two-tier bleacher seating provides the perfect vantage point to sit and enjoy a coffee while watching the day-to-day operations. It embraces the voyeuristic nature of the roastery viewing window and maintains interactivity with the front-of-house baristas.” – Manny Fusinato (Public Coffee Bar Manager)

“We were not seeking a café typology rather the space celebrates the roasting process, the coffee and importantly the people behind the brand.” – Dion Hall (Projects of Imagination)


The Public Coffee Bar is more than just a showcase of exceptional coffees – it is a showcase of commissions and collaborations with talented creatives.

“Each commission shares qualities found in Clark St Coffee’s brand and culture. All commissions become integral to the overall design. We simply created a space motivated by functionality allowing qualities of each commission to introduce the magic and the essential ingredients that brings the space to life.” – Dion Hall (Projects of Imagination)

Some of the many collaborations include;

Bespoke woodworker, Hugh Makin. Working with reclaimed walnut to create coffee flight trays, Hugh has produced a beautiful, functional touch-point that ties together the coffee experience.

Renowned ceramist, Ingrid Tufts. Ingrid has made a full collection of ceramics including espresso cups, cappuccino bowls, filter beakers and reusable take away ceramics with silicon lid providing a non-plastic option for reusable cups.

Stylist and ceramist, Shari Lowndes. Shari’s hand thrown Australian terracotta planters include a glaze laced with ash from coffee chaff and are planted with the distinct cardboard plant, Zamia Furfuracea.

Iconic baker, Phillippa Grogan. Phillippa’s interpretation of Bolo de Laranja (Brazilian Orange Cake) and Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread Balls) are strikingly similar to the food served at coffee farms like Fazenda Santa Alina in Brazil. These origin inspired foods are available on Clark St Coffee’s Event Catering menu.

Origin Stories

Clark St Coffee’s on-going relationships with coffee producers are created by trips to origin. Wholesale customers have embraced the steady stream of unique, high quality single origin coffees, with the stories of these producers shared through cupping events and origin info cards. Clark St Coffee now has the opportunity to further share these origin stories through the Public Coffee Bar.

“This year we were excited to host an event with Luiz Roberto Saldanha Rodriques from Fazenda California in Brazil. Luis one of our producing partners who has been doing extensive work to understand the challenges and opportunities for coffee production in the Paraná region of Brazil. This year we have 7 different lots from Fazenda California that explore different fermentation and processing experiments that show the impact that fermentation has on cup profiles and how radically different they can be.” – Timothy Crowley (Head of Coffee)

“We have had the opportunity to work with some truly talented professionals both at origin and here in Melbourne. There are stories behind our coffees, food, ceramics and fit-out and we are excited to start sharing them.” – Tom Ervin-Ward (General Manager).


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