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From New York to Melbourne, Greene Street Juice Co. tackle the pressing issue of good health

Client: Greene St Juice Co, Premium cold pressed organic elixirs, made with Australian produce and carefully selected herbs and super foods.

Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Digital Content

When Greene Street Juice Co founder Natalie Warner brought her passion for organic cold pressed juices from the streets of her New York Greene St home back to her local town of Melbourne, she did not anticipate the level of warm embrace the company would receive in the months to follow.

Having left her corporate law job in Melbourne to take up a new life in New York City with her husband Steve, Warner quickly discovered a reaffirmation of her dedication to health and wellbeing, seeing the total departure of her previous career to focus on what she believes is the important and pressing issue of good health.

What became of Warner’s life changing journey is the impressive retail space and product offering which now sits in the ever-evolving Commercial Road precinct of Prahran, Melbourne.

The space, designed by Travis Walton Architecture, hosts a premium collection of cold pressed organic Elixirs, made from Australian produce, selected herbs and super foods, to create a swift injection of good health in its natural and most delicious form.

Operating within the epicentre of Melbourne’s most health and beauty conscience, Warner has discovered that the movement towards a consistent and healthy lifestyle stretches far beyond the inner city streets, with more and more customers travelling distances to experience a singular cold pressed juice detox or collective cleansing program.

“When living in New York, I not only fell in love with my health again, but I cared deeply for the health of those around me. I was motivated by the gorgeous pressed juice stores around Manhattan, which were filled with likeminded people, who wanted to enjoy the extensive health benefits of a lifestyle that integrates great nutrition everyday,” said Warner.

“I was absolutely blown away by their approach to health and wellness. That was the beginning of a new way of life for me. I let go of old habits and found a new way of seeing, a new way of living and nourishing my mind, body and spirit,” she said.

Warner embraced formal study in New York to learn more about cold pressed organic juices and exactly how they can fit into individual lifestyles. It was because of this experience Warner gained insight into how organic juice cleanses can positively impact the human body and where her commitment to bringing this offering into peoples lives began.

Greene Street Juice Co is located on the corner of Commercial Road and Cato Street, Prahran. The space sees a collection of premium cold pressed organic Elixirs, each named to reflect a moment in time in New York City, where Warner’s journey first began.



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