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Hair evolution brings sustainability to men’s grooming in Australia

Exceptional hair and grooming products are borne from understanding not only the evolving nature of the modern man’s life but also through a genuine respect for the world in which we live.

That is the ethos of Melbourne born hairdresser and stylist Lucas Tucker, who this year with partner Virginia Browne realised his 20 year dream of creating a suite of male grooming and skin products that reflect the busy and lifestyle orientated man of today, while focusing on recyclable packaging and print materials.

Having worked in some of Australia’s and UK’s leading hair salons, Tucker has a rich history of bringing out the passion and care of men wanting to look and feel good with minimal effort, demonstrating the same level of focus to his local clients as the celebrity clientele groomed and styled in London.

“You have one shot with making something good and I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to create what I think has been missing out there in the market for so long,” said Tucker. “Men have the same want to feel and look great and to do that they need something that is easy and works, that is paraben and sulphate free and doesn’t test on animals. Something that just simply is good for your skin and hair.”

“When we began our journey to create TuckerBrowne we knew what we wanted to create from a product point of view and we made sure that every individual product delivers on the promise that is highlighted on the bottle. We want to build trust and we want to evolve and change with the men using our grooming and skin products.”

With product quality being the key focus from day one, Tucker reveals that there is another major stream of interest and commitment that has followed them throughout the creative process, and that is ensuring TuckerBrowne has the smallest footprint possible.

“We have so much going on in our lives it is hard to make sustainable choices that minimize the impact on our environment,” said Tucker. “We love the beaches we surf and the oceans we swim in so we have made the commitment to have the smallest footprint possible. Our products are made from sea minerals, marine extracts and natural fragrances to promote scalp, skin and hair health. So it feels good to use.”

The TuckerBrowne product range is designed to cater for a range of men’s skin and grooming needs with minimal effort. Each product incorporates compound profiles such as iodine, amino acids, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin a, b, c and e, as well as calcium, to promote and benefit men’s unique skin health and grooming needs.

The TuckerBrowne suite includes Strengthening Shampoo, Balancing Conditioner, Energising Hand and Body Wash, Matte Paste Strong Hold, Thickening Texture Powder, Thickening Texture Spray, Texture Clay Medium Hold, Natural Paste Medium Hold and Shine Pomade Strong Hold.


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