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Improving health, one workspace at a time

The rise of elevated workplaces to address the increasing health concerns relating to long hours sitting at work show a positive trend towards the adoption of new solutions to an old problem.

However, in spite of uptake from progressive organisations, the global community remains predominantly seated; a pattern which Australian Researcher, Ex-Uber Digital Product Developer and Author of The Sitting Epidemic Daniel Angelini has taken a stand on, with the introduction of newly designed and innovative standing solution, MOVI Workspace.

Together with his wife Nadia, an accomplished Chartered Accountant by trade, Melbourne-based Angelini has worked with some of the best medical minds, innovative designers and resourceful manufacturers to develop the world’s most spacious retro-fitted elevated workspace to address the hurdles often associated with standing desks regarding design, ergonomic fit, space, aesthetics, sustainability and of course, ease of use.

“Right now, we know positive conversations are happening around the need to live with a healthy level of movement, including in the workplace,” said Angelini. “However in practice, this can be a big hurdle and products need to reflect the attitudes, requirements and lifestyle of a busy and modern individual.”

MOVI Workspace is a design led solution. The patented design functions as an aesthetically beautiful, spacious and sustainable elevated solution while focusing on ease of use with integrations such as the one-touch electronic lift. “This is a product designed for users with every detail considered. Our mission is to bring this product to life, beyond prototype, to make it accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Angelini.

The MOVI Workspace Kickstarter campaign launched globally on August 29 2017 with the goal of commencing production in 2018. Angelini continued, “If we achieve this together, we know that we will have helped change the lives of everyone who uses it. That is why we do what we do.”


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