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Learn how to pitch yourself as an expert blogger through guest posting

Blogging and guest posting has become a powerful tool in 2021. It helps you communicate ideas, products, services and stories. Guest posting has become a central part of Oliver and York's public relations and digital marketing strategies for some of Australia's leading brands through to emerging small businesses.

Blogging and guest posting is a cost effective and efficient way to publish content online. It allows individuals and business to control their story and craft their story.

Most leading brands have an active and engaging blog that is self published. They look after it because they quickly discover it leads into growth and lead generation for new products, services and ideas.

Using the innovative desk from Movi

Our focus is on the opportunities for businesses in 2021 and one opportunity is for experts in their field is to become a guest poster in Australia and internationally.

Guest blogging is an effective PR strategy and digital marketing tool in Australia that builds brand awareness, increases credibility and positions your brand or business as the authority on the topic.

The purpose of Public Relations is to generate third-party endorsement of your brand. To increase credibility. To drive conversion.

Guest blogging for Australian brands also helps to reach engaged audiences that care about your message.

Every meeting we host or attend, we talk with experts in their field. We work with some of the best leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing and communication decision makers and subject matter experts. It proves for an interesting life where we really explore and discover new trending technologies, innovations and ideas.

One day we will be have our safety gear on walking through the Abbotsford Brewery in Melbourne talking with the head of beer knowledge at Carlton and United Breweries about the Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught the new Pure Blond Organic brews rushing past at speed. The next day, we will be filming the new BMW 5 series as it roars down Phillip Island Grand Prix track while speaking to a BMW Genius about the new tech capabilities that are class leading. That is what happens when you are aiming to be the best public relations agency in Melbourne, underpinned by expertise in digital marketing and content generation.

"You constantly listen, learn and innovate alongside the best in their industry."

It's not just the big brands where we learn and discover. Some of the most innovative people we have worked with since launching in 2014, and who we still work with today, are the minds behind clever brands and businesses in tech, product innovation and experience based offerings. See the work with some of our clever clients.

We work with some of Australia's savviest marketing managers, clever internal and external communication specialists and business leaders who have transformed into thought leaders in their industry.

If you are an expert in your field, below are some tips on how to pitch yourself as a guest blogger to help grow your brand and business

Research the bloggers and publications that will have the greatest impact

Doing the research is important and it doesn't take long. A quick google will show you what turns up and what may have the most influence. Conduct your research and identify the blogs and publications where you want to be seen.

We often go through this process with our new clients to identify what success looks like for their brand and stakeholders. For example, with Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism, it was achieving four full pages of content in the Herald Sun and syndicated nationally, along with digital content links on associated online platforms to incredible content such as the documentary The Story of the Road created by the exceptional team at Clothesline Content. However, it was also a case of connecting the filmmakers with key publications, broadcasters and platforms to talk to their expertise on filmmaking and transforming a 100 year history into a story people can connect with.

Take your time reviewing each blog and publication to see if they are the right fit for brand and business. There are also third party lists that will help you identify leading blogs.

Make sure it is quality

Your reputation matters and being a guest blogger is aimed to increase positive public recognition, not hinder it.

Avoid common guest posting and blogging mistakes by actioning the following:

  • Make sure the guest post is high quality, creative and original.

  • Create content that the audience will enjoy. Make sure it is informative, entertaining and connects with the reader.

  • Provide value to your audience. This may be a how-to theme, a top five list or insight into the latest trends in your industry.

  • Be insightful

  • Be interesting

  • Be helpful

  • Make the structure easy to enjoy. Use subheadings. Images. Quotes.

  • Importantly, use the correct grammar and avoid spelling errors.

Get pitching

Pitching to bloggers and publications can be hard. However, once you know what you want and how you are adding genuine value to them, you can switch your thinking and realise that you are doing them a favour.

Just make sure you are easy to deal with, deliver on what you promise and always be honest.

Many bloggers have a contact form or email address on their site and this makes it easy to submit. They have created this process because it is easiest for them too, so try to respect why they receive content that way. Don't go around this by trying to call when they have specifically said to emails. As PR's, we at times need to do this, but it is only when necessary.

If you do want to get creative in how you attract their attention, contact the blogger or key editors via their personal or brand social channels. Most influential editors and bloggers are active on Twitter and LinkedIn. Connect. Add value. Show your credibility.

Remember, when pitching to become a guest blogger, know that they put their heart and soul into their channels. Just like you do. So make sure you tailor your approach and avoid generic lines. Don't be lazy. The spray and pray philosophy in public relations rarely works effectively.

Go for a personalised approach.

Avoid common pitching mistakes by actioning the following:

  • Be clear

  • Stick to your point

  • Don't write long emails

  • Land your idea in the first paragraph

  • Make it tailored to them

  • Comment on something they have recently created that you got value from

  • Tell them why their readers will be interested in your idea

  • Provide relevant links

  • Communicate your own following and commit to sharing via socials

  • Provide examples of previous articles, if you have them

If you would like to learn more about clever public relations tactics and tools to help drive awareness and sales for your business or brand, ask a question to the team at Oliver and York.


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