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Oliver and York Career Collective with Author, Ex-Googler and Ex-Facebook's Luke Marshall

In Part One of the Oliver & York Career Collective Series, Author, Ex-Googler and Ex-Facebook's Luke Marshall shared his tips on how to get foot-in-door syndrome. Great event with great people. Images captured by Kristin Wursthorn.

Luke Marshall is well known for his innovation, expertise and creativity in digital marketing.

Since 2014, Oliver and York Career Collective has been bringing together extraordinary marketers, public relations professionals and content developers.

The Oliver and York Collective has grown into a highly valued network of some of the most innovative, inspirational, creative and change making minds in the industry.

At Oliver and York, we believe in harnessing positivity to enhance productivity.

We believe in being proactive and talking through your next project with likeminded individuals.

Join the Collective and stay connected and up to date with the latest events and activities.



Oliver & York Public Affairs is a Public Relations, Marketing Services and Digital Content Agency based in Melbourne.


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