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Securing reservations at Attica, Brae, Fonda, easier with obee

Client: obee (reservation)

Marketing, Public Relations, Content Services

What started as a bad first date experience for Developer and Engineer Owen Parry ended with the development of obee, a platform which solves the ongoing issue of securing a reservation at some of Australia’s best restaurants.

The secure and reliable platform has proven popular with a growing number of restaurants such as Attica, Brae, Fonda, and Sepia, with one million bookings secured and an increased uptake of tailored solutions to suit the individual dining experience.

“Back when we started, we wanted to create a tool that helps both ends of the booking scenario,” said Parry. “Something that increased customer satisfaction while also providing the opportunity for busy restaurant owners to reduce operational costs associated with traditional booking.”

“Now the process has evolved and what we are experiencing is a fondness for tailored solutions on top of our reliable and convenient base offering,” said Parry.

“We are now seeing an uptake in our online gift voucher modules and our pre-ordering ticketing systems, which are almost American in style in that diners opt for a completely pre-planned dining experience to not only lock in the booking but also avoid that end of night payment shadow,” said Parry.

obee is a cloud-based app developed using PHP and a MySQL database, with the team continually innovating and adding features and benefits for both restaurants and diners. “We develop these new features and modules through talking with our customers and listening to what they need,” said Parry. “It’s all about tailoring and customising each offering, which can then be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.”

To find our more about obee and the restaurants opting for the technology, visit

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