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Challenge set for schools to join Jamie Oliver’s good food fight

Long term supporter of Jamie’s Ministry of Food Program, The Good Guys, is calling on local schools to pledge their support for Jamie’s global petition to make practical food education compulsory in schools.

Food Revolution Day is a global day of action where people all over the world make a stand for the right to good food and essential cooking skills. This year, Food Revolution Day is focused on putting food education back on the school curriculum.

The aim is to encourage the community to come together to fight for change, creating an opportunity for children to learn about food in school and how it affects their bodies.

The Good Guys believe that practical school programs aimed at educating the next generation is a positive step towards breaking the cycle of health and diet related issues facing the community.

“Food Revolution Day and Jamie’s petition are an opportunity for everyone in the community to come together and unite in a fight for nutrition curriculum and standards in our primary schools – and send a message,” said The Good Guys’ spokesperson.

“Research by Deakin University shows that hands-on education programs like Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia actually work and have proven to make a difference in communities around Australia. We need program’s like this in all area – in our schools – to tackle this issue head-on if we are going to achieve positive change.”

The Good Guys is a founding Partner of Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia. Since its inception, Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia has beed dedicated to teaching people the health and happiness benefits of cooking from scratch.



Oliver and York is a public relations, marketing and digital content agency based in Melbourne. The Good Guys is one of Australia’s leading consumer household appliance retailers, dedicated to delivering quality products at competitive prices. The company operates 98 stores across Australia. Oliver & York provides ongoing public relations, marketing services and digital content for The Good Guys, working on major projects including The Good Guys Local Giving Program, Category based product initiatives, and partnerships with Jamie’s Ministry of Food Program and Disney.


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