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Zero mileage for fresh greens, year round

Urban Cultivator is a unique indoor garden system which allows for organic herbs and greens grown with ease in either a home or commercial setting. Oliver & York provides public relations and marketing services to Urban Cultivator within the Australian market.

Chefs Paul Jewson of Fitzrovia and Paul Davies of Merchants Guild have taken the lead in implementing a new technology into their kitchens to provide diners with the freshest organic ingredients available, grown on site and in perfect conditions.

An Australia first technology, the Urban Cultivator is a system dedicated to creating the perfect growing conditions for difficult to grow lush organic herbs and greens.

The system creates a unique indoor growing environment, with no pesticides, no travel time and no food waste.

Alon Pfau, one of the brains behind introducing the system to Australia, has been on the hunt for such a product for many years, finding that there was no easy solution to growing herbs year round and hassle free.

“Since we discovered the Urban Cultivator we have had an influx of fine restaurants and domestic clients wanting to adopt the new technology,” said Alon. “They do so either as a simple way to provide the freshest ingredients to customers or as a way of feeding their family the best possible produce right in the home.”

Among Urban Cultivator’s Australian pioneers is Melbourne’s own Fitzrovia & Merchants Guild offerings. Both Paul’s implemented the system after exploring ways to deliver ingredients that hold qualities of those picked only moments earlier.

Davies of Merchants Guild explained, “Teaming with the developers of the Urban Cultivator system, we were able to source a system that allows us to grow many of the ingredients used within our dishes served, right here.”

Jewson continued, “What this allows us to do is give people the best possible food experience where they feel like they are rejuvenated from their encounter here.”

Features of the Urban Cultivator:

  • Grow a long list of herbs, micro-greens, flowers and veggies in a completely automated indoor growing appliance

  • Watering and light cycles are controlled by an intuitive computer interface so the harvest is perfect

  • On board fans to control humidity and air circulation

  • Slick design provides an attractive feature in the kitchen

To find out more about the Urban Cultivator, simply visit



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