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Communicate with Influence and Impact

An exceptional training program that applies psychology and insights from high performing leaders to equip individuals and teams with communication skills and strategies for influence and impact.

Learn how to apply strategic communication, identify communication styles, confidently persuade, negotiate and influence and plan your communication behaviours for the desired impact.

Influence with confidence.


This is a program designed for individuals and teams to build positive and effective communication behaviours across diverse stakeholders and scenarios, by learning and harnessing tools and strategies that assist with clarity, influence and impact.

"This was so worthwhile for the team, and I got so much out of it myself. It's changed our culture for the better."

Program Overview

This intensive program applies insights from psychology, neuroscience, management and communication to create practical and effective development exercises that produce an experience that will help you:

1. Self-reflecting on your communication

Understanding the psychological components of communication

Identify your own communication style with the CCHA Disc Assessment

Recognise the different communication styles of those around you

Learn how to tailor you communication to meet the diverse needs and challenges of individual stakeholders for clarity and impact

Applying psychological principles and insights from communication frameworks, we guide you through practical models for effective communication.

2. Harnessing multimodel communication

Learn verbal communication skills that influential leaders use to create impact

Understand the power of tone

Impactful Body Language, Movement and presentation

How to exercise social intelligence in communication

Learning how to influence with effective written communication

Learn how to expertly apply communication techniques to clarify messaging, build confidence and avoid misinterpretation to enhance individual and team performance

3. Persuade, negotiate and influence stakeholders

Learn specific communication strategies and techniques to influence the direction and outcomes of meetings, negotiations and stakeholder interactions

Applying insights from psychology, neuroscience and communication, we provide essential tools and communication techniques that help to create win win scenarios

Identify practical and evidence-based tools and frameworks that impact the way individuals perceive your communication

4. Building Reputation Capital

Understand your personal brand and why it matters to your reputation capital

Identify Values, Passions and Purpose in your brand

Learn how to build your reputation capital by harnessing effective and impactful communication

Recognise how to foster and enhance your reputation to influence your future direction

5. Create your own communication strategy

Consciously decide the type of communicator you want to become to influence and create impact across multiple stakeholders

Recognise the value of your personal communication plan to unlock personal performance, team engagement

Integrating psychological principles and communication frameworks, we step through how to apply learnings to influence all communication touchpoints

7. Plan your intentions and behaviours

Learn how to apply your communication learnings through a powerful exercise of planning with intention and building positive habits of behaviour to reinforce this plan.

7. Responsible Influence and psychological safety

Recognise the responsibility you have when exercising influence in your communication

Understanding the importance of psychological safety

Fostering a culture of psychological safety using effective communication

Identify the steps and strategies you can take to ensure you exercise psychologically safety in your communication

"The psychology behind it was fascinating, and the strategies and tools have been a game changer."

Communicate with Influence and Impact



Outcome Checklist

1. Know how to identify different communication styles and how to tailor communication effectively

2. Understand how to apply multimodel communication for impact and influence

3. Master communication techniques to persuade, negotiate and influence diverse stakeholders

4. Know how to build reputation capital

5. Create your communication strategy

6. Plan your intentions and behaviours

7. Know how to responsibly Influence

Tools and Skills Checklist

1. Be prepared to apply learnings of communication styles from the CCHA Disc Assessment

2. Have vital verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills for influence and impact

3. Harness practical and evidence-based frameworks to influence the direction and outcomes of meetings, negotiations and stakeholder interactions

4. Have the tools to apply your values, passions and purpose to create your personal brand and build reputation capital

5. Have the skills to create your communication strategy to unlock personal performance and team engagement

6. Apply your communication learnings through a powerful planning exercise

7. Have the skills to fostering a culture of psychological safety using effective communication


Provided for your continued learning and development journey.


Access to program content, online resources and assessments to share with your team.


Complete your completion survey and reflect on your learnings, your challenges and note your future pledge. Certificates of attendance are also emailed following the workshop as a reminder of your work and your commitment to your leadership development.                


Content tailoring for personalisation. Access to attendee results report and feedback insights. Post-program call to discuss impact and opportunities.

Included In All Programs


Our facilitators are highly qualified in helping leaders realise their potential, having coached and advised executives, agency leads, board members and emerging leaders in top national and international corporate, agency, government, business and not-for-profit sectors. This experience and expertise in underpinned by qualifications in psychology, chartered accounting, business and communication to create a potent developmental experience that drives the results you need.

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