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Steinway and Sons launches most significant product innovation in 70 years








Steinway and Sons has announced the launch of Steinway Spirio, the world's finest high-resolution player piano system. The system is the result of decades of research by Steinway and Sons, the world's leading manufacturer of exquisite pianos.


Steinway Spirio delivers the most accurate reproduction of live performance ever achieved on a Steinway and Sons piano, providing superior high-resolution playback results of over 1700 performances recorded by Steinway artists for the new and unique Steinway Spirio music catalogue.


The Steinway Spirio music catalogue features a diverse range of genres, including classical and jazz, recorded using technology that captures the finest details of each artist's performance. The system uses a series of patented developments, including sophisticated thermal compensation, closed-loop proportional pedalling, immunity to varying line voltage, and propriety high-resolution techniques.


From piece selection through to the volume of each performance, each Steinway Spirio comes with an Apple iPad, connecting seamlessly and wirelessly to each model, with automatic updates to connect the user to the growing Steinway Spirio library of world-class performances.


The official launch event was held in Melbourne and featured an exclusive performance by New York based Spirio recording artist Amir Farid, along with performances by well-known Australian artists James Morrison, John Foreman, and Harrison Craig.


"The Steinway Spirio is a truly unique listening experience," said a Steinway and Sons spokesperson. "It provides a platform to showcase each artist's unique and individual technique and style without compromising on the high standards and quality that Steinway and Sons has become known for."

Oliver and York was the PR agency responsible for the success of the Steinway Spirio launch. The team at Oliver and York, known for their expertise in public relations for luxury products, worked closely with Steinway and Sons to develop a comprehensive launch strategy that included a series of targeted media outreach efforts and a high-profile launch event. The team's efforts helped to generate significant buzz around the new Steinway Spirio system, driving interest and excitement among luxury piano enthusiasts and music lovers alike.


The successful launch of Steinway Spirio is a testament to Oliver and York's ability to effectively promote luxury products and drive success for our clients.

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