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The New Billy Collection
an echo of playful experiment and nostalgic tubular transition.

The new Billy Collection includes a Sunlounge, Dining Table, Easy Dining Table, Chair, Lounger, Stool and Bar Cart, available in a range of powder coat or stained timber colours, inspired by the Australian landscape.


For immediate release

New Billy Collection - From a time when soft warm winds threaded through suburban Australian streets, where billy carts were play and modernist designers weaved tubular form into hills hoists and above-ground pool ladders, came the precedent for the latest collaboration from Industrial Designer, Adam Goodrum and Australian design company, Tait. 

Borne from an evolving concept that saw nostalgic reflection, playful iterations and experimentation with texture, tubular transitions and high performance, the new Billy Collection finds its place as a thoughtfully ergonomic and versatile range with aesthetic refinement. 


“The Billy Collection is a nod to playful experiments making billy carts as kids to ride down the street on,” said Susan Tait, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Tait. “While my brother and I put together rough contraptions from nails, fruit boxes, planks of wood, pram wheels and rope to steer, I can only imagine the very different billy carts that rested on the nature strips of Adam Goodrum and Gordon Tait’s homes. Refined and thoughtfully crafted. That is essentially the essence of this collection.”   


Formed from the integration of tactile electropolished or powder coated aluminium frames, Accoya timber, large wheels and tubular transitions in what is one of Tait’s largest collections, the resolved Billy Collection echoes billy cart nostalgia, created for a smaller footprint and designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions. 


With a resolute aim of utilising Tait’s local manufacturing capabilities, underpinned by a commitment to high performance and sustainability, Goodrum in collaboration with the Tait Design Studio ambitiously designed a collection that etches out simple sculptural form alongside complex mechanisms that enhance ergonomic functionality. 


“The pieces are very comfortable, and there is a common language across the Billy Collection, to visually enhance a space,” said Goodrum. “It has a relaxed but robust aesthetic, and a nod to the past – backyards filled with hills hoists and above ground pools with tubular designed metal ladders. Yet it has its own unique language. The mechanism for the sunlounger is HOT and the entire frame is fluid.” 

While meticulously crafted to incorporate metal, timber, glass and fabric materials into the design, it is the responding introduction of new colour Mountain Blue by Susan Tait that further evolves the Billy Collection, focusing on the calming and versatile palette found in Australia’s landscape which so comfortably finds a home within outdoor living spaces.


“This is a collection that is comfortable, aesthetically beautiful and resolved,” said Tait. “And in many ways the new Mountain Blue colour contributes yet another layer to the story that the entire colour range is telling. This is a collection with exciting scope and versatility. And we’re so proud to have hand crafted the collection from beautiful, sustainable materials from our factory in Melbourne, allowing for us to be playful yet refined to create what we think is something really special.”


“The free form tubular frames define the new Billy Collection – one which spans all aspects of outdoor living. I can visualise the collection being used at a location where you can see all the products in one frame offering continuity across all aspects of a life outside,” added Gordon Tait.
The Billy Collection is available from 11 April 2024 and includes a Sunlounge, Dining Table, Easy Dining Table, Chair, Lounger, Stool/Side Table, Bar cart and upholstery options. It is available in 20 distinct powder coat colour palettes with the Accoya timber option available in a range of six coloured stains using environmentally sustainable oils.

To learn more about Tait and the new Billy Collection, visit



Tait is an Australia-based furniture design and manufacturing company that was founded in 1992 by husband and wife duo, Gordon and Susan Tait.

At the time, sheet metal craftsman Gordon and creative textile designer Susan noticed a lack of well-designed, high-quality outdoor products reflective of Australia's outdoor lifestyle and capable of withstanding the country's harsh elements.

30 years on and Tait has established a reputation as one of the leading contemporary designer for outdoor living in Australia.

Tait’s design philosophy is based on its manufacturing heritage, prioritising quality and craftsmanship in each piece.

Led by Susan and Gordon, the Tait team consists of passionate designers and craftspeople refining and prototyping ideas from their local Melbourne factory and a team of dedicated sales and industry professionals who work in their elevated retail spaces in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

The result is a range of sophisticated, well-made products that stand the test of time, each piece featuring the Tait "Makers Mark" symbolising its quality and authenticity.

In addition to its focus on craftsmanship, Tait is committed to sustainable practices. The company offsets 25 tonnes of C02 per year, equivalent to saving 631 trees or driving 98,000 kilometres. Tait also diverts almost one tonne of soft plastics from landfill each year.

Tait designs with the focus of creating products which are easily refurbished, extending their life and minimising impact on the environment.

Tait is also a Gold Member sponsor of the Authentic Design Alliance, a group of leading Australian design suppliers committed to working to promote the value of investing in authentic Australian design and combatting design theft.

Since inception, Tait has been recognised in the industry for its award-winning design projects, collaborations and exhibitions of work.

2023 marks 30 years of Tait being owned and operated in Australia, committed to shining a light on Australian designers and creating high performance design for global audiences.




A commitment to sustainability. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of Tait's design philosophy. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has been committed to achieving best practice sustainability measures throughout all areas of their business. Their efforts have resulted in impressive outcomes, including offsetting 25 tonnes of CO2 per year - equivalent to saving 631 trees or driving 98,000kms - and diverting almost 1 tonne of soft plastics from landfill each year.

Tait's commitment to sustainability extends to their manufacturing processes as well. Two-thirds of Tait's premises operate on high-powered solar systems, and 100% of their facilities use energy-saving LED lighting. The company also works closely with suppliers to source sustainably-grown timbers and recyclable materials, designing products for life with refurbishment opportunities extending life and reducing waste.

In addition to their environmental efforts, Tait is also committed to ethical and social responsibility. As designers and manufacturers of authentic Australian-made outdoor furniture, they are proud members of the Authentic Design

Alliance, which fights against design theft in Australia and promotes the value of investing in authentic Australian design.

Tait's commitment to sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility is evident in the high-quality, long-lasting products they produce.



Susan Tait
Creative Director

Gordon Tait

Founding Director

For further information and interview requests, please contact:

Rachael Horan

0426 631 316

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