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In this campaign, Victoria Bitter asked Australians to re-create the iconic ad that has echoed throughout pubs and lounge rooms for decades, with the best submissions used in a new campaign.

In 1968, the first ads featuring the classic line “a hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer” aired.

Since then, drovers, tradies and sportsmen have starred in various versions to create one of the most

recognisable ads in Australian history.

The campaign saw an opportunity for the public to have a turn.

VB called upon people to submit their own rendition of the VB anthem and the unmistakable tune behind it.


Entries were submitted via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the #VB50yearsofcheers hashtag, with full details at

The best were compiled to create a new ad featuring everyday Australians that was rolled out

digitally and seen by huge audiences.


VB called on rockers and rappers, singers and soloists, and just anyone who wanted to have a crack, to



VB’s Senior Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, said:

“This is the ad that made VB the Australian icon it is today. But after half a century of the tune done our

way, it’s now time to hear VB drinkers do it their way."

“Whether it’s whistling on one of our amazing beaches, tapping your finger on the kitchen counter or

singing to your partner in front of the Opera House, we want to see it and feature it in our new ad.”

The hunt to find a new rendition was officially launched at #VB50yearsofcheers celebrations in Melbourne, which saw Horns of Leroy Brass Band, Rock Group Diet and immaculate opera singer Maddie Featherby perform their take on the classic Aussie anthem. Hosted by Mick Malloy.


An incredible team worked on this campaign with Oliver and York, including talented Events Managers, Producers and PR's.

A series of VB ads were shown, along with items from the archives. This included the oldest bottles and advertising material.

The highly successful public relations campaign for Victoria Bitter included broadcast news coverage on all major networks.

Oliver and York has worked to deliver impactful, large scale national campaigns for some of Australia's most iconic brands, including campaigns such as 100 Years of the Great Ocean Road and the launch of Pure Blonde Organic.

See some of our work here.

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