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Fetching bunch have ball at Puppy Pre School Reunions

Some of the nation’s most educated four pawed pets turned up the sub-woofers and shed their coats at their recent Puppy Pre School Reunion celebrations, which took place at Best Friends Pet SuperCentres across the country.

The celebrations saw some very special reunions from those who went through Best Friends’ 5 week Puppy Pre School course, designed to educate pets and their owners on responsible pet care, including behaviours, diet, health, grooming, exercise and of course play – with socialisation being a key focus throughout and beyond the course.

Best Friends believes the Reunion event is not only a chance for dogs and owners to have some fun in stores, it is also a continuation of the important socialisation every puppy and dog needs throughout life.

“Keeping your dog socialised plays a huge part in the health and wellbeing of your pet,” said a Best Friends spokesperson. “Taking your pet for regular walks, encouraging play and promoting good behaviours are all really important, and our Reunion events give us the opportunity to educate and celebrate responsible pet care in a fun and dog-friendly environment.”

Understanding the value of ongoing education, the Puppy Pre School Reunions in store welcome everybody in the community to come down and learn how owners and children can look after their Best Friend in the best possible way, so that they too are a happy and healthy member of the family – a move which Best Friends’ lead Vet, Dr Nick Emerton, believes is crucial.

“We have a duty of care as pet owners to make sure that we do our best when it comes to looking after our pets, because they rely on us to do the right thing, ” said Dr Nick.

“Understanding the right foods to feed them at certain stages of their lives, knowing when to take them to the Vet and how often, as well as recognising the benefits of a simple groom for their health, are all really important – and this event allows us to share this information with the community and have a bit of fun at the same time,” he said.

The events saw free pet care photography, paw print souvenirs, dog behaviour insights, Q & A’s with Our Vet, fundraising Cake Stalls and BBQs, best trick and best dressed competitions, and loads of pooch friendly games.

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