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Chef Ryo Doyama behind new modern Izakaya in Melbourne

A few metres from Carlisle Street Balaclava is the setting for Melbourne’s newest Japanese Izakaya offering, Bounty of the Sun, a space designed with the intention of creating a place to belong, while away the hours, captivate foodies and inspire enjoyment.

The space and menu works to reverberate feelings of ease and enjoyment, conjured through an immersive minimalist and warm design that houses immaculately prepared dishes created using traditional Japanese techniques with modern apparition.

Arising from Chef Ryo Doyama’s vision of creating a harmonious and welcoming space that speaks to good Japanese food and design, Bounty of the Sun is a culmination of hard work from a team of minds that share the unifying notion of creating enjoyment in everything they do. One such mind is Merrymen and Diplomat creator Eben Hocking, who upon meeting Doyama was instantly stirred by his uncompromising focus on creativity in his food, weaving in historic reflections that ripple throughout the space and menu.

Bounty of the Sun is almost an extension of Ryo himself. A placid and peaceful lake that holds hidden sparks of fun and creativity. The design is satisfyingly ordered, warm and textured, while the food takes on a complexity that people are drawn to, whether enjoying it with friends at a table, on a date or sitting at the bar chatting to Ryo,” said Hocking.

“There is inspiration taken from the story of Hideyoshi,” said Doyama. “Hideyoshi was highly regarded as the second "Great Unifier" of Japan. He rose from humble beginnings to prominence and his story is very important in Japanese culture. I am very proud to have Hideyoshi’s family crest as our doorhandles at the Izakaya, his famous helmet reflected in the sun rays and his name found in japanese characters throughout.”

Bounty of the Sun creates a memorable ambiance fusing smooth concrete surfaces with natural wood grains throughout the design. Soft highlights flow from warm lighting set beneath thousands of wood structures that hang from the ceiling. It is modern Japanese minimalism integrated with elements of Doyoma’s unique character, with Ben Koster of Birdsmouth Construction bringing it all together.

Doyama’s diverse, texture driven and flavour captivating menu ranges from Lotus Root Kinpira and King Fish Tataki through to Doyama’s take on the American Corn Dog, Mapo Tofu Jaffle and Miso Baba Ghanoush.


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