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DELVI Sparking Alcoholic Seltzer partners with Artist Ben Ross to launch two new refreshing combo

Following a spiking national demand for seltzer and an overwhelming response to DELVI's Blood Orange Passion and Desert Lime flavours launched in 2020, the DELVI team has crafted two exciting new flavours in larger 300ml cans appealing to seltzer session lovers, partnering with iconic artist Ben Ross to celebrate the launch.

DELVI Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer’s new Watermelon Bush Mint and Wild Berry flavours deliver a fresh but subtle hit of homegrown Aussie flavours, with DELVI once again committing to a distilled process method to avoid any dry beer-like aftertastes that can arise from lower cost brewing methods found on the market.

“From the beginning, DELVI Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer has been about product quality over profit and taking the time to support and enjoy the incredible ingredients our local farmers farm right here in Australia,” said Founder, Mike Vati. “That means only pure Australian waters, the best locally farmed organic ingredients and Australian plant extracts are used.”

A uniquely Australian and independent take on the Seltzer market, DELVI Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer is a response to a growing demand for high quality Seltzer beverages that speak to local lifestyles and simply keeping it real.

“When we set out to create two new refreshing additions to the DELVI Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer range, our priorities were always clear,” said Mike. “It’s about keeping it real from seed to the final sip, connecting people with only the highest quality ingredients created right here on and in Australian soil.”

The new DELVI Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer Watermelon Bush Mint delivers a zingy sub-tropical blend of juicy watermelon with Australian native bush mint sourced from the sandy dunes of Belongil, while the Wild Berry unleashes a bespoke and beautifully aromatic blend of sun-ripened berries and Australian native Strawberry Gum Tree extract, sustainably sourced from deep in the Byron Hinterland.

“Throughout the process of crafting each recipe, we work closely with farmers and producers to identify the best selection of native Australian ingredients to deliver the most refreshing and authentically Australian Seltzer in the market,” said Mike.

“It seemed like the next logical step to partner with Ben Ross to help take the personality of Delvi and these new flavours and transform the experience into incredible artwork that captures the essence and showcases another example of Ben’s incredible talent for people to enjoy,” he said.

Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer is ranged in Dan Murphy’s and BWS along with a range of lighthouse on premise venues across the country, including Melbourne’s Wowie Zowie and the famous Brunswick hotel in the NSW Northern rivers. For more information, visit


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