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Joey Smalls teams up with Huxtaburger

Joey Smalls has partnered with Huxtaburger to provide its delicious creations in a tailored bar friendly form, with burgers designed to team with Joey Smalls’ mixture of impeccable aesthetic, drinks and soundtrack selections.

Cut from a different cloth, Joey Smalls welcomes punters into its cozy confines from the early afternoon and into the night, boasting one of the areas few late night licenses.

From Thursday to Sunday, Joey Smalls sees locals easing into the weekend by slipping into a booth, grabbing one of the cocktail creations such as the Coconut Margarita, and enjoying a warming and delicious Huxtaburger – all while listening to some of Melbourne’s best DJ’s offerings.

Joey Smalls co-owners Steve Costa and Kyle Bush, part of the team behind New Guernica, Chuckle Park and Chuckle Deli, are both enjoying the new collaboration, with Costa stating the link-up seemed like a natural fit for Melbournians looking for an end to end offering across the bar/food space.

“The response we have had to the new space has been really great,” said Costa. “We knew though that to complete the experience we needed to provide something special in the food area, and where else could you go than Huxtaburger for the perfect combination.”

Known for their exceptional burgers and creative recipe selections, Huxtaburger are creating their mouth watering dishes from Thursday through to Sunday, with a tailored menu on offer.

Huxtaburger’s Daniel Wilson said, “Great food should always team with great aesthetic, atmosphere and drinks, and that is exactly what the boys at Joey Smalls have created – so it’s a great fit.”


The marketing and public relations for Huxtaburger and Joey Smalls was delivered by the Oliver and York public relations team in Melbourne. Public Relations played an important role in the launch of the new and thoughtful venue in Brunswick, Melbourne. The public relations launch campaign was successful with coverage achieved across Broadsheet, Herald Sun, The Age as well as in leading culture, design, food and lifestyle publications.

Why was this work necessary for Joey Smalls and Huxtaburger?

The launch PR campaign for Huxtaburger and Joey Smalls put them on the map. Coverage across Melbourne and in national publications created a big impact which saw lines out the door.

What did you like best about working on the public relations launch for Joey Smalls and Huxtaburger?

This campaign involved working some of the best venue and food operators in Melbourne. As a collaborative team, they had created something really special which seamlessly worked with the design and aesthetic.

What was something new you learned in this public relations launch campaign?

Oliver and York provide public relations and marketing services to many high calibre designers and architects both in Australia and internationally. When we walked into the space with photographer Kristin Wursthorn we could immediately see what they were trying to achieve. They delivered this incredible and unique experience for people which translated really well on camera and allowed us to capture the essence. And we discovered one of the owners had designed it themselves borrowing references from their favourite places in the world.

How do you launch a new bar in Melbourne?

The key is setting the standard with what you do. Focus on delivering what you have promised. There are so many great bars and restaurants in Melbourne and everyone is fighting for their time in the sun. When it comes to launching a new restaurant or bar in Melbourne, make sure you have your house in order first.


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