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The opportunity that is ChatGPT and AI

What an incredible time we live in, where we get to live through the dawn of another groundbreaking technology that is going to change our working and personal lives.

ChatGPT and AI tech is already changing the way employees do their jobs and leaders who are harnessing its capabilities are already seeing the benefit.

In walks the tension and the white elephant in the room. The fear of the unknown.

From a comms perspective, and taking into account psychological principles, there is an important piece around how this transition and change in companies is going to be framed. This is the intersection of productivity and mindset.

While leaders set the challenge of how ChatGPT and AI tech can be used to drive efficiencies in their organisations, the internal world within the company is watching. And they are waiting for direction and to understand what it all means.

The innovators are always well placed. These are the thought-leaders and the game changers. They are the one's that come to us and say, "Make no mistake, we need to be ahead of this."

They are the leaders that make considered decisions and do not fear change. They do not spend their time managing up in an organisation in order to navigate the guesswork of what they feel others want. These are the leaders that hold a vision, from key points within the business. They are the C-Levels and leaders across Marketing, Communication and HR/People. They are the leaders who constantly grow and constantly challenge. They are the leaders companies need right now.

There is always a way for companies and brands to manage complex communication challenges that move at lightning speed.

But this is new. And on ground, individuals and teams are concerned.

The communication around ChatGPT and AI technology integration in businesses is on the agenda.

ChatGPT and AI won't take people's jobs. People who know ChatGPT and AI will take the jobs of people who don't.

Let's get our heads around that.

In action, what this means is that growth mindset is integral. It is an important framing piece for employees to understand the company line on ChatGPT and AI tech as early and quickly as possible. They must be in an environment where they have direction, education and communication around how to approach ChatGPT and AI technology in the business.

From a communication perspective, and taking into account key psychological principles, the decision making around this challenge must be addressed.

This means that leaders first need to do the work on what the company is and how it intends to harness this technology. Then this decision making must be transformed into impactful internal and external communication strategies to effectively manage this issue form the outset.

Two key take-aways: If you are not using ChatGPT and AI tech to improve productivity in your business, it is time to start. If you want to retain great talent in your company, communicate your stance on these technologies and empower individuals and teams to exercise a growth mindset and see the possibilities.

Authored by Suzanne Tonks, BBusCom, BComm, PGDipPsych

Managing Director, Oliver and York


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